We have a new litter of Bordoodle puppies!

 Shiloh, my daughter's sweet chocolate phantom F1B Bordoodle female and Potter our chocolate Moyen Poodle male are proud parents of a new litter of colorful Bordoodle puppies born April 7th. Bordoodles are a cross between the extremely intelligent Border Collie and the non-shedding and highly intelligent Poodle. This mix makes wonderful companions that love to learn and engage in activities with the whole family. In general they have a higher activity and focus level than Labradoodles and a desire to work for their humans, so a home that will put their sharp minds to work with obedience/trick training and/or activity partners would be best. We now have chocolate, tri color and phantom curly and wavy fleece males and females available. Shiloh's puppies are expected to weigh around 40 lbs full grown. They will be ready for their new homes on June 1st once their foundation training is completed! 

All of our puppies go to their new families with a headstart in our puppy training classes, which includes knowing how to sit and go in their bed for a treat. They will be introduced to the leash and crate training, riding in the car, and will go outside to  potty. For a preview of their future training, check out the videos and pictures of other puppies we have trained with this method on our puppy preschool page! We also have a new advanced training option to begin after the puppies are 8 weeks old. There are 2 spots open currently for this class.

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