Advanced Puppy Class

AP Class  (3 weeks)  

Deer Creek's AP Class is a three week optional continuation of our Puppy Preschool foundation class. Your puppy will remain with one of our trainers to further develop the concepts already mastered and introduce new skills for a total of 4 weeks of training.   Puppies must be paid in full before they attend.

The  AP class is $850 due at pickup. 

Advanced Puppy Class Objectives:

  • Further develop crate training, puppies will be crate trained and sleeping through the night.

  • Further develop house training using the bell system. (See demonstration video below.)

  • Learn to " lay down" on command.

  • Learn to understand "No" and develop household manners such as not jumping, nipping, etc

  • Learn "Stay" for duration and short distances until the release command "Okay!"

  • Learn to ride nicely in the car, staying in their own seat

  • Further develop loose leash training introducing the "heel" command and sitting when coming to a stop. 









Advanced Training full demonstration

Bell Training Demonstration

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