Deer Creek Labradoodle's Waiting List

Do you feel Deer Creek Farm is the right doodle breeder for you, but mother nature decided not to have your perfect little bundle of fur here ready and waiting for your arms?

Not to worry! We have now started a waiting for doodles list, where we work directly with your family to understand what your ideal match would be and work hard to make that happen... in time of course. 

How to get started...

If you have not already, please fill out our puppy application so we can start to get an idea of what your ideal puppy would be. Then talk with us via email or telephone to find out what our upcoming litters will be and how they may fit your family's needs. To be placed on our waiting list, we will then need a $500 deposit along with your description of your ideal puppy to hold your place on the list. Waiting list families can stay on the list for one year. Deer Creek Farms always reserves the right to first choice in a litter and may or may not hold a puppy back for ourselves or our therapy program by our decision. We do not guarantee  a specific  date  or litter to occur for families on the waiting list due to the unpredictable happenings of mother nature. Waiting list families will be  notified about every litter that is born and you can select a puppy at that time in waiting list order or continue to remain on the list for a future litter. Waiting list deposits are like other deposits, they are non refundable but are transferable to any litter at any time. We have some exciting litters on the way! Click below to make your deposit via paypal.

Current Waiting List Families​​1. Chandler Gilbert

  1. Colleen Austin- Passing until Miley litter 

  2. Debbie Moseley- female small puppy

  3. Jileen Steffen - Passing until further notice 

  4. Maggie Fernly- never answers

  5. David Summers - late fall Merle puppy

  6. Sandy Pham- Passing until further notice

  7. Judith Menchaca- Miley's litter

  8. Kathy Mize

  9. Rachel Kopke- Passing until further notice

  10.  Brett Voigt- spring/summer of 21

  11. Lindsey Thaker -Spring 20-40lb chocolate female

  12. Jean Paul Publico (Megan Murphy)- Male red/white December/January time (Reese)

  13. Ashton Williams - waiting until March/April 2021

  14. Fred & Cindy Hawkins - First pick Male in a litter, cream, large size, car, boat, and is a snuggler

  15. Scott Benedict - Female apricot caramel cream 30-40 lb 

  16. Jason Beatty - mini female, 20 - 35lbs. 

  17. Amanda Kohring- medium chocolate male labradoodle

  18. Brett Whitaker-  Female Kindergarten Mid activity

  19. Orly Biton- Male puppy, other male dog in home, mid activity - 

  20. Joseph Branch/ Charlene- want a Red/white tuxedo looking puppy, male (Miley)

  21. Lillie Huddleston- female red mini size preference, other female dog in home 

  22. Laura Victoria- Mini size ----- THIS IS WHERE I AM ON REESE LITTER

  23. Leroy Boss- mini

  24. Retha Theron- mid/standard size female apricot/caramel/cream

  25. Laurie Desocio- Male 35-45 lb all colors after Christmas

  26. Denise Debski- Mini female

  27. Eric Arambula- Black male (Phoenix/ Booker litter?)

  28. Karen Cohen- Mid size female

  29. Jeannette Goddard- mini apricot/red

  30. Chinedu Nwasike- mini male

  31. Jacqueline Gallagher

  32. Natalya Dorokhin- male standard

  33. Phillip Drews- mid to standard size

  34. Amy Leach- mini to medium size male apricot/caramel/parti



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