Deer Creek Litter Announcement!

It is time to select your spot on a litter! Below you will see Miley and Ollie's new litter of Australian Labradoodles. Miley's furbabies will be raised with puppy culture techniques and enrichment methods to ensure the best possible start in life, shaping their physical, mental and social development to the best of our ability. Deer Creek puppies will go to their new family with a head start in our Foundation training class, which includes knowing how to sit and go in their bed for a treat. They will be introduced to the leash and crate training, riding in the car, and will go outside to potty on an established house training schedule. We believe this is an invaluable step for successfully transitioning a puppy into their new homes and gives the puppy and family an advantage from the very beginning.  For a preview of what they will learn, check out our  Puppy Preschool Page




Miley and Ollie's Red Darlings



Miley our sweet red and white wavy fleece Multigenerational Labradoodle and Ollie our handsome red wavy fleece male Australian Labradoodle are proud parents of a new litter of multigen Australian Labradoodles puppies born 11/19/20! These puppies will be a large medium size full grown weighing around 45 lbs.  The puppies will be ready for their new homes after their training is completed January 16th! If you would like to add one of these babies to your family and get on our waiting list for this litter, please fill out our Puppy Application..


There are 5 females and 4 males available to the waiting list.  $3000. Males are Black, Orange, Green, and Purple collars. Females are Lime, Sky Blue, Brown/tan, Red,  and Pink Collars.

Puppy visit and individual selection day is January 2nd weekend! Around six weeks old is a perfect time to visit and select your puppy as they have developed their own personality at this stage. If you are not available to come for a visit, we can do a facetime visit instead for your appointment. Appointments are scheduled every 30 minutes. Individual pictures will be posted every 2 weeks leading up to this appointment so families can have an idea of their 1st and 2nd preferences before their visit. 

1. Deer Creek- Male therapy prospect

2. Deer Creek- Female therapy prospect

3. Colleen Austin - Male selection 

4. Judith Menchaca - Male selection 

5.Jean Paul Publico (Megan Murphy) - Male selection 
6.Joseph Branch/Charlene - Female selection 

7. Karen Cohen - Female Selection 

8. Maria Isabel Hargen- Female Selection

9. Doug Reed-Female Selection

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