Lucy, our only little black and silver mini Schnauzer female and Logan our adorable little merle mini poodle male are proud parents of a new litter of mini schnoodle puppies born 5/28/19! Both Logan and Lucy are cherished house dogs living with my sister's family. Their favorite spot in the house is the couch and cuddling with their human teenagers. Both Logan (9 lbs) and Lucy (14 lbs) have outgoing, personable temperaments and even energy levels. Lucy's puppies will be a miniature size full grown, weighing around 10-15 lbs.  The puppies will be ready for their new homes once they are 8 weeks old as early as July 27th. If you would like to add one of these babies to your family, please fill out our Puppy Application.



Lucy's puppies also have the opportunity to stay with one of our trainers in our Advanced training program at an additional cost. In this class the puppies would be crate trained and working on their house training using the bell system and learn many new commands and household manners! They would also be further socialized and expose to many new experiences like playing with kids, other dogs and riding in the car in their own seat. For more information on our Advanced Training, please check out our  puppy preschool page!  

Pictures of the backs of the Merle puppies are available on request to show their coloring. We also have a video of these adorable babies playing.

We have adorable little Schnoodles! 







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