Zoe's Litter Play Day!

Zoe's litter had fun in the sun today out in the yard. They didn't know what to make of the puppy agility equipment. My camera's memory card was full while I tried to record the puppies' first energetic moments, leaving my mother and I both laughing and hating the fact we were missing recording the puppies jumping through the little tire jump the first, second and third time. Of course, once I cleared off enough memory and got the camera rolling, the puppies were tired of jumping through the tire. They really enjoyed following Terra around, but once the sun peaked from behind a cloud, they were heading for shade.

​At the end of the day, Sawyer and Wilder bid their brothers and sisters a temporary goodbye and took their first car rides to start their puppy training. They are the first big brothers to go, and the others will be close behind!

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