Zoe's puppies in training!

The time has come for Zoe's litter to go to their new homes! Here are two of Zoe's boys sitting patiently for a treat. Look at that beautiful eye contact they are giving! It is hard to believe they are just 8 weeks old. We couldn't be more proud of four of Zoe's boy's progress this week. They all learned very quickly and have been so well behaved in their crates at night. They have also been walking on a leash and riding in the car, but their favorite thing is getting all those tasty treats for the tricks they have learned.

We have another group of puppies coming this weekend after the boys go to their new homes. The first few days of working with a new group can be wild, but seeing those beautiful eyes looking up at you and those minds working after just a few short days is priceless. We can't wait to see how the rest of Zoe's litter does for their turn of training.

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