Deer Creek Welcomes A New Trainer!

It is an exciting day at Deer Creek Labradoodles. We are so happy to announce we have added a new puppy trainer to our team! Lynn Fratello at Pawsatively K9 shares our passion for training and didn't hesitate to join our cause in providing families with pre- trained companions. We could see from the start her drive and passion for training and was impressed by her many years of experience. Lynn has proven to be a valuable asset already and we are so happy to have her with us. The video above is one of her first students, Arie, showing off her tricks. Arie has beautiful eye contact and Lynn did an amazing job showing Arie how much fun it is to learn. Right from the beginning, Lynn provided us new opportunities to expand what we already do based on her past experience. She introduced us to puppy aerobics which will now be another major part of our puppy preschool program. With this, the puppies not only learn sit, but also to lay down and stand! This stimulates their minds and keeps them from getting stuck on only one concept at a time, improving their critical thinking and adaptability. We believe passionate people create companions passionate about learning, and we saw this glow from Lynn's students right from the start.

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