Deer Creek Welcomes Bordoodles!

We have to admit, we are so very excited to welcome our first very own litter of Bordoodles. What is a Bordoodle you might ask? Bordoodles are a cross between a Border Collie and a Standard Poodle, and we couldn't ask for a better match between Indy and Knox. Once we began our training program at Deer Creek, we couldn't resist being drawn to the most trainable and highest known intelligence in the dog world, the Border Collie. We love our Labradoodles of course, and we love how quickly they learn and are quite impressive in their own right during the foundation week of training our puppies have here. We have had star Labradoodle puppies that learn the first foundation trick (sit) we teach all of our puppies in just the very first day in their two 5 minute sessions. We have a few puppies that are able to do this in every litter and we are so proud of them. Indy, our Border Collie learned this in half the time while also learning to lay down in the same 5 minute session. We were just blown away by her intelligence and excellent representation of her breed. Border Collies truly are the rocket scientists of the dog world, and now we have combined this high intelligence with a low to non-shedding coat! We honestly cannot wait to train her new litter and see how quickly they pick up the new skills over their foundation week as well.

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