Now offering Advanced Training!

Deer Creek is happy to announce we are introducing a new Advanced training class in our Puppy Preschool Program. We have had much success with our Foundation week of training, many families have asked for continued learning options for their new puppy. Our new program is a continuation of our Foundation week where the puppies recieve 2 full extra weeks of training with one of our skilled trainers.

We strive to provide our families with concrete training tools that will have the most benefit for their puppy in their new homes, especially to new dog owners. During this time, the puppy will be reinforced in their foundation concepts as well as learn many new skills such as "place" in the video above. This command is an asset in many situations such as for answering the door, eating dinner, and riding in the car. "Place" also provides the puppy with the concept of "Stay" by giving them a comfortable target to remain on. Of course this skill needs to be developed by the puppy's new family to give its full effect for distance and duration, and we are happy to guide our families in the right direction.

Please visit our Puppy Preschool page for more information on what your new puppy could learn in Advanced Training!

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