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This page is devoted to the special puppies our trainers select that have the potential to improve the lives of their new families and/or others. These puppies are only available to the families on our therapy waiting list to select the puppy whose temperament and qualities best match  their needs. The puppies on this list can change at any time based on their progress and results of periodic evaluations. Potential puppies chosen at 6-8 weeks of age can prove to struggle at certain tasks further into their training and not qualify for a therapy or emotional support home. To see our methods of evaluation, please click here.  Deer Creek Labradoodles and our trainers have intimate knowledge of each puppy in our care and understand the monumental importance of a working dog to peoples' lives. We are committed to providing the dog best suited for each purpose and each potential home for our doodles and will be very selective and open in this process to find the best fit. Our Canine Good Citizen and Therapy puppies will stay with us for 6 months or longer and go through a long period of training, testing and working experience. It is very important that their training be continued once they are in their new homes for them to reach their full potential and to maintain their good behavior and obedience.   If you would like to add your name to the therapy or Canine Good Citizen dog list, please fill out our Puppy Application

 For a preview of what they will learn and more information about our training  program, please visit our  Deer Creek Academy  page!  There you will see a detailed lesson plan of each step of our program and what comes with each puppy when they are ready for their new home.   The puppies pictured here are only available to homes that need therapy dogs or organizations.  If you would like to get on the waiting list for therapy dog, please let us know.  We require a $1000 deposit to get on the waiting list.  We have some new puppies that we are watching and evaluating for our therapy program.     The CGC and therapy dogs MUST BE PICKED UP  in person so we can go over all the training with the new owners.   These dogs are too big to fly as carry on once they have finished all the training.  Emotional Support dogs can be taken home on the plane with your doctor's letter.

 The team is taking a break for the winter, Check back in the spring  for new therapy dogs.  This class has all finished and we'll start a new class in the spring.

Zoey- The Tsircou Family
I've been adopted!
Roxie- The Roma Family
I've been adopted!
Molly- Rich Pond Elementary
Adopted Therapy Dog! I've gone home!
Harper-  Assist Indiana!!
Adopted therapy dog. I've gone home!
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