Therapy Dog In Training

Hi!  I just wanted to update you on Jo Jo to let you know where we are at with her therapy dog training.  I have to begin by telling you how smart she is.  She is close to 5 months old and I have run out of tricks to teach her.  She loves to learn and practice what she has learned at home and loves going to classes each week.  The trainer we are working with is so impressed with her that she told me to order her service dog/ therapy vest so that we can start taking her into public places to start working in different environments.  She usually doesn't recommend starting this training so young but JoJo is an outstanding dog.  She is a great addition to our family and we love her dearly.  She has such a sweet personality and loves all people and animals. Thank you again so much for choosing such a perfect dog for us!


--The Neeley Family

Just a quick update on JoJo. Tomorrow she is going to a nursing home to visit residents there. She is still the most wonderful dog I have ever known. Everwhere we go, people comment on how well behaved she is. She completed her first class and passed with flying colors. She is onto her next class and the teacher is so impressed with her smartness, friendliness to people and other animals, and excitement to learn new things. When we at at class or work on skills at home, her tail wags the whole time. Also, when she went to the groomers, the groomer said she was a " unicorn dog." She said she is a dream dog to groom and wanted to keep her. I wish you were closer to Illinois because I have had so many people ask where I got her and want a duplicate of JoJo. I do tell everyone that she was definitely worth the drive. Her absolute favorite past time is swimming with my son in the lake. I
will try to send a video.....she pulls him in on a boogie board. I will send pictures soon maybe of her outside of the nursing home tomorrow. Thanks again for choosing her for me!!!!


--The Neeley Family

JoJo update --  We are so proud of JoJo.  Jojo has her therapy dog vest and has started visiting nursing homes.

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