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Deer Creek Labradoodles Transportation Options

Deer Creek Labradoodles Flying Service

Deer Creek is now offering to fly our puppies and hand deliver them to your preferred airport! Our trusted puppy Nanny will accompany your doodle providing care, attention and much needed rest breaks during long flights. Our puppy Nanny will fly with your puppy as carry-on which we feel is a much safer alternative to flying the puppy as cargo. Having an employee of Deer Creek with the puppy at all times will provide a better experience for the puppy and their new family. The puppy Nanny will be happy to answer questions upon delivery and will inform you of any information needed. Our puppy Nanny service for same day flights starts at $400 plus the cost of the flight. Flights booked in advance have better pricing, so it is important to let us know as soon as possible if flying is required.  The airlines charges $125 for the puppy to fly as carry on. If a same day flight/return is not available to locations such as California or other areas, we will still be happy to work with you. The airport used is Cincinnati, Ohio (CVG). Many trips are around the same cost as flying a puppy as cargo, so let us put your new puppy in good hands with our puppy Nanny.  

We have had much success with our nanny service and are happy to say our puppies were very good passengers. They were quiet and content in their soft carrier with a blanket and a chew toy. During layovers the puppies were able to stretch their legs and have a potty break on their leashes that we send home with them. Puppy nanny was also able to have play sessions with the puppies and give them lots of affection.

We want our puppies and their new families to have the best experiences and we are happy to be able to provide this for our doodles as a better way to their new homes.  Please note, that due to restrictions our nannies only use Delta, Southwest, and Frontier Airlines.

Deer Creek also offers to meet some families  where driving  is possible. The puppy nanny will  meet somewhere convenient for both parties  to shorten your trip to our location! Meeting is on a case by case basis, email us for more information if you are interested in this service.

For families flying in to pick up their puppy,  the puppy nanny can meet you at the Cincinnati, Ohio (CVG ) airport for $100 delivery fee. We are located one hour  from the airport. Families flying in will need to bring their own pet carrier for their return flight, Deer Creek does not provide carriers. When booking your return flight we only recommend flying Delta, Southwest, or Frontier due to restrictions.

Deer Creek Labradoodles Ground Service

Deer Creek is happy to meet some families  via ground/driving  when you are unable to pick up in person.  The nanny is able to deliver your puppy directly to your home or in a specific city/state to help shorten your trip! The nanny will reach out to you directly the day of deliver to let you know their ETA and that they are on their way. The nanny will take excellent care of your new furry family member and will stop for appropriate potty breaks as needed. The cost for this service is dependent on location so please let us know if you would like a quote. 

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