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Deer Creek's Recommended Products

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Over the years, we have found these products have greatly aided in our lives and our doodles lives as well, making everyone enjoy a more harmonious existence. Some of these things we just could not live without!  The product pictures are also a clickable link to where you can find them online.

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Life Stages Crate

We use these in our crate-training process for all of our puppies and recommend this crate to all of our new doodle owners because of its ability to grow right along with your puppy. It comes with a divider so you can buy a larger size crate that would fit your doodle at maturity and use the divider during the puppy stages for more efficient crate training. For our medium Labradoodles we recommend the 36" L size and our larger standards we recommend the Large 42" L version.

Food Bag Change.png

Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Food

This is an excellent food that our puppies love and we have had very good luck with. This food is a highly tested and regulated with all of the nutrients and probiotics for a growing puppy. We have been very happy with the results and how well our puppies eat and grow.

Puppies that will be 50+lbs at maturity will need the Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed.

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Bully Sticks

We provide a bully stick in our puppy bags when our doodles go to their new homes. Bully sticks are a safe chew alternative to raw-hide and provide a few hours of chewing fun for puppies, especially during their teething stage around 5 months. It also benefits your dog's dental health, keeping their teeth clean. Always get chews from the USA and if possible the odor-free version. 


Bil-Jac Frozen Food

Our trainers use Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food as training treats and our pups love them! These treats are generally found in grocery stores and pet stores in the dog food aisle in a freezer. We recommend keeping the bag in the freezer and keeping a stash in the refrigerator for treats. They are easily broken into smaller pieces and are clean to handle. Click the picture above to find out where you can buy this product locally. 

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

NuVet Plus Daily Vitamin

Just like humans, dogs need certain vitamins and minerals to grow and function properly. These one a day vitamin chewables have everything necessary for puppies' joints and immune systems and they eat them just like a treat. Please order prior to picking up your pup! Because we have seen the vast benefits of these vitamins on our adults, nursing moms and puppies, we have decided to extend the health guarantee from two years to three years if you keep your puppy on these vitamins during the duration so they are able to live at their best.

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Snuggle Puppy

The transition to a new home and family can be a tough time for a puppy. They can go from having other dogs around and enjoying their company to being the only furbaby in the house. We have found that snuggle puppies can soothe this transition and make them feel there is another friend there to support them while they get used to their new surroundings and human family. 

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Nail Clippers w/

safety guard

If you are planning to cut your doodles nails, it is important to have clippers with a nail guard so they aren't taken down too short. These clippers are good for both puppy hood and for adult dogs.  

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Slicker Brush

Our groomers swear by this brush. It is a bit more costly than other slicker brushes and I wouldn't spend the extra cash on this if  it weren't for a good reason. This brush has longer bristles and gets all the way to the base of the coat where tangles happen the most. It is definitely a favorite around here.

Monica SS.jpeg

Search and Sable Co.

Everyone knows we love a good quality leash and collar. When it's vegan, customizable, and hand-crafted, it's even BETTER! Search and Sable Co. is a small business found on Etsy that we absolutely adore that checks all these boxes. They have beautiful vegan BioThane collars, leashes, and more. You are able to customize the color of your purchase as well as the hardware (see store for details) to fit you and your furbaby's style. Search and Sable Co. has also kindly provided a discount code for all of our families. At checkout enter code, DOGLOVERS, for 10% off -  you won't regret it!

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Plush Puppy Toys

These cute critters are a puppy's favorite toy when they are young. They have no stuffing and are easy to carry around in their mouth and make fun squeaks! When puppies are around 5 months old they will also start to look for harder things to chew on because they are losing their baby teeth and it aids their teeth in falling out, but these soft furry toys will always be a staple for any dog. 

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Bitter Lemon Spray

Puppies love love love to chew! This may help deter your new doodle puppy from gnawing on something they're not supposed to have or from keeping them out of the trash until you are able to teach them what is off limits. Of course it is also up to the humans to guide your new puppy in learning what he or she is allowed and not allowed to have. This spray is safe and non-toxic and is a good training aid.

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Potty Bells

Puppies that participate in our Advanced training program are sent home with a set of these potty bells and a beginning understanding of how to ring them to go potty. With proper training, Labradoodles are quick to pick up this concept for house training and this is a great setup to begin training with any puppy using the included clicker. Our puppies are very familiar with the clicker training method and pick up new concepts quickly using this tool. 

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Nature's Miracle Cleaner

Unfortunately, your new puppy will have accidents in the house before they are completely house-trained. We have found Natures  Miracle to be one of the best carpet savers in existence. It is one of the only things we have found to take that pesky smell out completely and help the puppies not smell and go to the same spot again.

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Puzzle Toy

Dogs and puppies need mental stimulation or they can become bored and make up their own things to do around the house. This is a great toy to keep your puppy's mind busy and it also gives them a sense of accomplishment when they figure it out. It is fun to see how long it takes your dog to do this puzzle, Labradoodles are smart and ours usually figure it out pretty quick if there are super yummy treats inside. We like to use this as a tool also to test our our therapy and service potential puppies. This can tell us if they have good motivation to work and how much of an attention span they may have. 

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Seatbelt Harness

Puppies that participate in our Kindergarten training program are expert little riding partners. It is important to keep your puppy secured in the car for safety reasons and seatbelts are also handy for training purposes. This harness and seat belt set keep your puppy secure in his/her own seat. Growing up this way, they are protected and well trained to ride in the car without roaming around and getting into mischief. This link takes you to the belt selection, don't forget to purchase the matching harness. Attaching a seat belt to a collar is  much less safe for any accidents that may occur. NOTE: We do not use or recommend harnesses for walking as this promotes pulling. We use them for car safety only.


Pet Corrector Air Interrupter

This is a product we discovered not too long ago and now don't know what we would do without it. Such a simple thing as air paired with a precursor "No" can alleviate any unwanted behaviors and the dogs and puppies respond immediately. It works for barking in the crate, counter surfing, jumping up, getting into the garbage and many other things.  We have this on auto order and it has really made a world of a difference.


Life's Abundance Shampoo

We use Life's Abundance shampoo for all of our adults and puppies and it smells amazing even a week later. It is very long lasting unlike all the other dog shampoos we have tried where the dogs will smell even the next day after their bath. We get asked often after our puppy go home days where we get our shampoo because the families love how it smells... this and the accompanying bath fresh mist is our secret weapon!


Life's Abundance Bath Fresh Mist Spray

Having so many doodles and puppies, we need to make our baths really count and last as long as possible in between. This spray makes our dogs and puppies smell fresh longer like they were just bathed with less work. It is really great at taking away that wet dog smell on a rainy day also. Over bathing can really dry out your dogs skin and make them itchy and irritated, this spray can helps prolong the need to bathe and help your dog keep their natural oils for their coat. 

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Crinkle Toy Newspaper

I'm not sure what it is about that crinkly paper sound, but puppies and dogs LOVE it! I think they like the crinkle sound better than a squeaker and this toy has both. Our adults can play with this for a good hour and have a blast with it.


Kuranda Dog Beds

There is something about an elevated dog bed that dogs love. Kuranda dog beds are by far the best and most life proof beds out there. They are chew proof and easy to clean, very sturdy. We use these for our "place" training on all of our Canine Good Citizen and Therapy/ Service Dogs we train at Deer Creek. 


Soft-sided Pet Carrier

Taking your new family member home by air? No problem! This airline approved soft-sided pet carrier is exactly what you will need to fly with your puppy as carry-on. We recommend purchasing the largest carrier allowed by the airline you are flying with. Please refer to all airline regulations and carrier dimensions prior to purchasing. 

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Plush Dog Bed

Although we do not start our puppies with beds in their crates, these beds are perfect for their crates when they are older and until then can be placed outside of their crate for a comfy spot to chew their bones and toys in the family room. These beds are very soft and machine washable. They come out of the wash looking and smelling as good as new. These beds come in different colors and sizes to fit both size crates our doodles use.


Diggs Groov Crate Training Toy

Crate time and crate training are essential once your new puppy is home. This unique crate tool allows you to make your puppy's crate a relaxed, fun environment all while getting a tasty treat! This toy attaches to your puppy's crate easily and encourages licking while reducing stress. Easily spread dog-friendly peanut butter (xylitol-free) or your pup's other favorite sticky treats on and go. PRO TIP: Freeze your Digg Groov Toy after applying your treat to keep your pup busy longer!

Lil Jacs.png

Bil-Jac Little Jacs Small Dog Treat - Chicken Liver

Crate time and crate training are essential once your new puppy is home. This unique crate tool allows you to make your puppy's crate a relaxed, fun environment all while getting a tasty treat! This toy attaches to your puppy's crate easily and encourages licking while reducing stress. Easily spread dog-friendly peanut butter (xylitol-free) or your pup's other favorite sticky treats on and go. PRO TIP: Freeze your Digg Groov Toy after applying your treat to keep your pup busy longer!

Recommended Reading

Here are a few titles we have found to be helpful along the journey of puppy-hood and beyond. Some have been proven a valuable asset in  fundamentals and some are just for some extra fun and bonding for you and your best friend.

Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products
Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products
Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products
Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products
Deer Creek Labradoodles recommended products

Homemade Training Treats!

One of our trainer's makes these delicious doggy treats and uses them to train the puppies, they go crazy for them.

Poultry & Fish 

  • 10 oz can of chicken  

  • 10 oz can of turkey 

  • 10 oz can of tuna

  •   2 eggs

  •   1 teaspoon of garlic powder 

  • 1 & 3/4 cup of flour more or less to make a stiff dough


  1. Mix together and press flat on cookie sheet about 1/4 “ thick  Bake 250 degrees for 30 minutes 

  2. Cut into quarters and turn over and bake another 15 minutes

  3. Cut into the size of raisins, refrigerate and freeze. 

Liver Treats

  1. Thick cut beef liver  Partially frozen  

  2. Sprinkle garlic on both sides

  3. Microwave on both sides for 3.5 minutes (total of 7 minutes)  Cut into small pieces or strips and piece off. Make treats the size of raisins. 

  4. Freeze and use as needed    

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