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Deer Creek's Puppy CGC Graduate Program

Course Description:

The completion of our AP class is a natural gateway to the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen title. AKC created the CGC program to recognize and reward dogs who have good manners in their home and community and we are thrilled to offer that achievement to our puppies so they can fetch that blue ribbon! At completion, our puppy Graduates are well-behaved and intelligent companions suitable for any family. Puppies completing our Graduate program start at $10,000 and are able to advance into our Gifted therapy. service and emotional support programs.


  • A star pupil temperament tested and chosen by Deer Creek during the Puppy Preschool phase of training

  • Kindergarten Puppy Class completion

  • Excellent etiquette and confidence  on weekly town field trips during puppy Kindergarten

Course Objectives - At the completion of this class, puppies will be able to:

  • Be reliably house trained and crate trained in our home and present common household manners

  • Be further socialized in public ( Petsmart, dog parks, Lowe's, pet friendly stores etc.) and will be expected to maintain appropriate behavior during our outings

  • Exhibit appropriate car riding etiquette (If big enough will enter and exit car on command)

  • Follow the verbal commands "sit, look, down, implied stay (20 feet), heel, leave it, in your bed, no, come, up (car), Break!, and go potty"

  • Present their learned commands with light distractions such as other dogs, people, and background noise

  • Exhibit appropriate behavior to their trainers and strangers including not jumping up or play biting

  • Use stairs and enter doors appropriately

  • Exhibit appropriate grooming etiquette

  • Present patience and calmness for waiting and relaxation periods through 'sitting on the dog' techniques


Final Exam:  

Once a puppy exhibits reliable knowledge and appropriate behavior (around 5-6 months old with 13-15 weeks of training), we will then test the puppy with one of our Canine Good Citizen Evaluators. At test completion, the puppy will be awarded a Canine Good Citizen Certificate, ribbon and title and be registered in the AKC pals program. The detailed 10 step test can be found HERE.

Graduation Package - Puppy will receive the following package for going home with their new family:

  • A valuable 1 hour in person training session with one of our trainers 

  • A graduation video demonstrating all known commands

  • A full set of shots and rabies completed for the year as well as current on worming and flea/tick/heartworm medications

  • Spayed or Neutered before going home

  • Leash, collar, ball, bully stick and Purina Pro Plan Savor puppy sample

  • Doggy door bells

  • Canine Good Citizen Certificate and ribbon

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