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Deer Creek Academy

Deer Creek Academy

At Deer Creek, we know the value and joy a new puppy can bring to their new families. Our doodles make wonderful companions and many have gone above and beyond for their humans in therapy and emotional support homes. We are very involved with our dogs and puppies and are proud to

offer training geared toward therapy and emotional support work through specialized commands and the AKC Canine Good Citizen title. Not every home will need their puppy to go through these special programs, but we want to provide each puppy the best foundation to ensure a happy forever home. Every puppy from Deer Creek comes with our basic Puppy Preschool training. After this beginning step, we offer an optional AP class, Graduate Class, and then finally our Gifted Therapy/Emotional Support program. Deer Creek tailors our program for each family and puppy's needs, making the puppy's training most beneficial for reaching their potential in their new home.

We have many years of experience with integrating a puppy into home life and developing the essential skills he/she will need to be a loving part of the family. We are amazed by the accelerated rate our Doodles learn fundamental concepts using our positive reinforcement methods and are happy to provide our Doodle families the advantages of starting out with a knowledgeable pre-trained companion. Labradoodles love to please, and it is a joy to see their eyes searching yours, asking what they can do for you. These puppies know to look to us for guidance, making eye contact and waiting for direction. This amazing amount of intelligence needs guidance and Deer Creek provides our Doodles and their new families the right direction to follow in order to strengthen their bond with their new puppy. These concepts and skills need to be continued after the puppies go home to their new families to help the puppy be the best companion he/she can be.

Puppy Preschool Class ( 1  Week Free!)

The first 16 weeks of your puppy's life is the most influential in developing the foundation of his or her years to come. At Deer Creek Farm, we strive to provide you with a well-rounded and socialized puppy right from day one until they go home at 8 weeks of age. Our puppies come home to you well versed in family life, already exposed to household noises and rules, children, cats, dogs, toys, training, and much more. We are happy to go above and beyond to make sure our puppies have a smooth transition into their new homes and alleviate many of the hurdles new puppy families usually endure their first few weeks. We want to make sure our puppies new homes are forever homes, and this is our way to ensure the best start for everyone. The first step of our training program is a great foundation for our puppies and their new families. This puppy preschool class is included with every puppy at no additional cost to their family and we are happy to provide new puppy tips and information at pickup time. 

This basic training program is provided for every puppy from Deer Creek Farm at no additional cost. Foundation training begins at 7  weeks of age before leaving at 8 weeks. 

Foundation Training Standards:

  • Learn his/her name and coming when called

  • Begin crate training

  • Begin house training  (Note: Puppies are not fully house trained until 6-9 months of age.)

  • Begin loose leash training

  •  Begin car riding etiquette

  • Learn to 'sit' and go 'in your bed' on command. 

  •  Be further exposed to various socialization concepts including other dogs, cats, children, strangers, stairs, etc.

Foundation Training Demonstration

Puppy Preschool
Class of 2022

Class of 2022

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