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Deer Creek's Puppy Kindergarten Program

Course Description:

The completion of our Preschool class is a natural gateway to our Puppy Kindergarten class which furthers their obedience skills and home readiness with one of our qualified trainers to further ease the transition into their new home! This class is a 3 week program that begins immediately after Puppy Preschool. At completion, our Puppy Kindergarten Graduates are well versed in household life and are ready to love and please their new family. Puppies completing our Kindergarten program start at $4500 and are able to advance into our Canine Good Citizen Graduates and the Gifted therapy, service and emotional support programs.


  • Completion of our puppy preschool class

Course Objectives - At the completion of this class, puppies will be able to:

  • Have a stronger recall using puppy's chosen name as well as "come" command

  • Have experience in crate and house training using the doggy door bells as a tool to go outside to potty

  • Be further socialized to other environments, dogs and people in a positive way

  • Exhibit appropriate car riding etiquette in their seat with safety belt for their weekly puppy field trips

  • Follow the verbal commands "sit, down, look, place, stay at short distances, heel, in your bed, no, come, BREAK!, and go potty" . Will begin understanding leash suggestion as well for added control.

  • Present their learned commands with little to smaller amounts of distraction

  • Understand appropriate behavior with their trainers and strangers including not jumping up or play biting

  • Begin using stairs and enter doorways appropriately

  • Begin proper grooming etiquette including accepting all body handling and inspection

  • Be familiar with normal household rules and routines and potty schedule

  • Begin understanding the concept of patience using 'place,'  while entering/exiting crate and doorways, and the technique of 'sitting on the dog.'


Final Exam:  

At the end of the puppy's 3 additional weeks with us, the puppy will challenge themselves with a video demonstration by their trainer showing all of their new learned commands. At completion, each puppy will receive a graduation cheer and a cookie jackpot! All of these commands are in the beginning puppy stages with 2 practice sessions per day every day by our trainers, it must be continued and practiced afterwards to maintain and advance their abilities.

Kindergarten Graduation Package - Puppy will receive the following package for going home with their new family:

  • A valuable 1 hour in person training and new puppy Q and A session with one of our trainers 

    • Families not picking up in person will receive the video demonstration and we will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your puppy's training​

  • Puppy Report Card and suggested "Homework" list

  • A video demonstration of your puppy's skills

  • Up to date vaccines, worming, flea/tick and heart worm preventative

  • Leash, collar, ball, bully stick and Purina Pro Plan puppy food sample

  • Doggy door bells for potty

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