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Testimonials from our Doodle Families

We have some wonderful Doodle parents and families that have given our little guys and gals loving and happy homes. We are so thrilled to hear feedback from each of them and maintain a strong relationship so that we may keep track of how our Doodle kids are doing.


Deer Creek Labradoodles

I am a furbaby Nana to Brady, who was adopted by Sarah Ford. He is a happy and healthy big boy so I thought I would send a current photo of Brady. We have had the pleasure of keeping him for the weekends that Sarah is out of town. This is a photo of Brady and Sarah, taken on Sept 12. We love this dog so much.

This little guy has brought so much happiness to Sarah. When she walks him at the park, she has a lot of people ask her where he came from and what kind of dog he is. Thank you for providing Sarah with a wonderful dog. He's beautiful, smart, and fun loving. He has his own Facebook page; "Brady Takes Louisville".


Thank you,

Sherry Ford


Deer Creek Labradoodles

Hi Sandi,
 I just wanted to say thanks again for such a wonderful and perfect dog! Kirby is doing great and we love him. He is the best dog ever – he’s so smart and has learned any new task very quickly. He loves the beach and loves to play. He has a wonderful temperament and has never met an enemy. At 9 months he’s 49 lbs. Everyone loves him and comments on his extremely soft and beautiful fleece coat. Thanks again for such a great dog.

Rosie and Eden


Deer Creek Labradoodles


This is Jim Calcione and I purchased Chase (Buckwheat) last year at this same time...This is what Buckwheat looks like today...He's the best dog that I have ever had..He's not my Earnhardt (Black Lab) but he is the coolest...I will be looking to purchase a female at some time in the upcoming year so....if you have a female labradoodle....You can put me on the list for the future..

All my best,

Jim Calcione
Rhode Island


Deer Creek Labradoodles

He did great on the drive home. The girls are in love. He stayed in his crate all night with no messes And no whining ! Thanks for puppy preschool.  -Melissa


Deer Creek Labradoodles


Knox has been an amazing puppy. And I believe a lot of that is a testament to you all. Since the moment we brought him home he already knew that when he went outside it was time to use the restroom. He is fully potty trained and that has been such a blessing. He has a very even temper and doesn't bark or jump on people, incredible for a puppy! He is about 40 lbs at 6 months. Thank you so much for a lovely puppy and companion!




Deer Creek Labradoodles


I know it's been awhile since our last update to you about Asher, but I wanted to send you some pictures of what he's been up to the last few months! I also wanted to thank you for such an amazing addition to our family! I have never had a dog who is as intelligent as Asher is. He loves playing fetch outside, snuggling, and following our maltipoo Waldo around everywhere. At 5 months old he is already completely house broken ( not a single accident in over 2 months) he also already knows the commands; sit, lay down, stay, shake, high - five, and give kisses. Asher has such a great personality and loves meeting new people especially kids!

Thank you,



Deer Creek Labradoodles

Hello, I just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful friend, Nakota (“Friend to all” Sioux Indian). I am sorry that I cannot remember what name that you had given him but he was born June 6th  2012 to Nash and Lala and spent his 3rd birthday in Asheville, Myrtle Beach and Gatlinburg. Nakota is such a wonderful but I must say spoiled family member. Stubborn , controlling and smarter than any dog I have ever known. He reads signs( mainly any Petsmart sign) and knows more words than any 7 year old child does. Just the mention of Beach or vacation has him searching the house for his travel bag and leash. Everyone he meets which is many including all groomers, comment on the fantastic coat and outstanding personality Nakota has which is a true testament to your breeding skills. He has never shed and has never had an accident in the house, the only crate training was for his first week. I have often thought of purchasing one of your other Labadoodles for a companion for Nakota but feel he likes being an only child. I love the photo on your website of your daughter running with Nakota and his brothers and sisters as puppies. Again, thank you for allowing me to adopt my son.



Deer Creek Labradoodles

Ava has adjusted so well! She's making a great addition to our family.

Kym Pierce

Owner, FlashBack Photography


Deer Creek Labradoodles

It's hard to believe time goes as fast as it does.  Your Maci (from Nash and Lala)  just turned 1 last weekend. Being the sentimental person that I hear that I am  (although my kids called me weird & sentimental on this one), I had a party for  her.  I thought you'd enjoy seeing a couple of pictures of her at 1 year old! I love her more each day...she is definitely a handful..very full of energy every day, but  seeing the little white ball of fur, with the little eyes peeping out from the carrier at  shaved down when she got spayed and she was so skinny under all that fur..I like her just the way she is now..but, again, I love her and my family is crazy.


Hi! I wanted to give you an update on "Zak". The kids decided to name him Chase because he loves to play chase. He is doing great on training. He is housebroken using poochie bells, crate trained and doing really well on basic commands. I thought you would love to know that I had him at Petsmart yesterday and this lady started petting him and was commenting on the texture, color and quality of his fur. She said she was a groomer and she sees a lot of goldendoodles and labradoodles and his fur was by far the prettiest she had seen. She said the overall looks and the feel of the fur was amazing. She wanted me to let you know that you guys produce some beautiful labradoodles. She took one of your business cards to have for clients. The vet we took him to also made some similar comments and took a business card. He said he had some clients that were looking for a labradoodle, but had not been happy with puppies they had seen so far. Hopefully they will contact you. We will send you some pictures. He is growing like a weed. As of last Tuesday, he was 23.6lbs. Thank goodness he has learned to go up and down the stairs as it was getting harder and harder to carry him up and down :-) I wanted to thank you again for the gift of a beautiful puppy with an excellent personality.....I have an aunt that hates all animals. She came to visit last weekend and she said she has finally found a dog that she actually likes. She said, "He doesn't bark, lick, jump on you, beg for food or want to jump in your lap unless asked to. He doesn't smell like a dog. He settles down in the house and doesn't drive you nuts." So, if she likes him he has to be outstanding!!! Thank you again for everything. I will send you some pictures in a few months.

Jennifer Chapman

Deer Creek Labradoodles


Deer Creek Labradoodles

Happy 4 months birthday to Jake!  We spent the morning taking a long walk on the beach... we had a fantastic time. (I'm attaching a picture with this note.)  Jake is growing by leaps and bounds and is a treasure! Have a wonderful weekend ...Fondly, Scott and Jake


Deer Creek Labradoodles

Hello Sandi!

 I wanted to send you an update on Renny.  She is 36 pounds (just as expected) and seems to have stopped growing – she is a perfect size!


She is the happiest, sweetest, silliest dog ever!  We couldn’t have asked for a better pet. She is always by someone’s side, although her first choice is our son Clarke. Her favorite treats are raw carrots and ice cubes, she is a good eater and could not be easier. She LOVES water in any form – the hose, the creek, the lake, the shower – LOVES it. She also loves walking on the leash and going for car rides. Thank you very much for our sweet girl.


The Bittner Family

Seymour & Audrey

Deer Creek Labradoodles

We have obtained two labradoodles from Deer Creek Doodles. After growing up with a number of different breeds, I will say the doodle is by far the best I have ever had. Their personality is so loving and sweet. They are great with children and very social companions for my family. Thank you so much for adding such lovely additions to my life and family.




Deer Creek Labradoodles

I thought you would enjoy these updated pictures of Maggie. (Tink and Walter). Today is her 1st Birthday. She is such a sweet dog we just love her!   
She has been a great addition to our family.   



Deer Creek Labradoodles

Mollie is a great puppy and a delight to have. She is soft and loveable, my son just loves her. I must add she is very smart too. Still working on the potty training but she is getting better.


-Owner of Michelle Morgan Photography


Deer Creek Labradoodles

I'm not completely sure if this picture sent earlier, so I just decided to resend it! We are thoroughly impressed with what you all have taught her. She is sound asleep now and hasn't made a single noise. She has adjusted so well! She's doing great. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the extra effort you guys put forth. It is definitely a huge help. If we have any questions, we will definitely contact you. We want to carry on and build upon what she has been taught.

Thanks again!

Julie and BaileyAnn


Deer Creek Labradoodles

I was just wanting to give you a brief update on Josie. She is absolutely wonderful!!! She has been so quick to learn. She has done great with the potty training, going down stairs, interacting with others, and sitting. She has slept well and hasn't made too much noise while in her kennel at night. She is just a bundle of joy to play with!  Her and Bernie (our dachshund) have taken to each other wonderfully.


She had a great puppy wellness exam at our vet and we've decided to keep using Life's Abundance with a mix of the dog food we were using with our dog Bernie. We can tell a difference in his coat within just a week of the mixture. We couldn't ask for a better dog for us!



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