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Trained Cavapoos Available!

From time to time we have older puppies available that have completed our Puppy Preschool Program with flying colors, These puppies are perfect for families that are wanting a family member already experienced in crate and house training if kept on a schedule and have a great foundation in manners. These puppies also know what a joy it is to learn and take direction from their human, so any further training will come more easily. Please note that the names of the puppies (even though they are super cute)  are not set in stone and can be changed to anything your family chooses because everyone loves having a chance to name their new puppy! If you would like to add one of these youngsters to your family, please fill out our Puppy Application.  

Check out our Instagram page to see what we are posting this week! You never know who might be seen there or possible sneak peaks of new puppies!

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