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Sale Contract & Health Guarantee

This agreement relates to the puppy purchase between the purchaser(s) and Deer Creek Labradoodles.



Date of Sale:              

Puppy Name:            


Date of Birth:                       




Purchaser’s Name(s):              

Purchaser’s Street Address:          

City, State, Zip Code:       

Telephone Number:  



A non-refundable deposit of $                     has been paid to Breeder. The Deposit will be applied to the final Purchase Price. Buyer acknowledges that the Deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances. However, if a puppy/dog that meets Buyer’s identified preferences is not available, Buyer may elect to have the Deposit transferred to the next litter or available puppy.

The full purchase price is agreed with the balance due in full (a) at least one day before the puppy/dog is delivered to Buyer or (b) the day of if Buyer’s picks up the puppy/dog in person. Any shipping and handling expenses are the responsibility of and shall be paid by Buyer. All payments due under this Agreement shall be made in US Dollars and paid to Breeder.

Deer Creek Labradoodles guarantees that your Labradoodle puppy is of sound health at the time of sale. The puppy has a 5-day guarantee from any life-threatening diseases. The purchaser must take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian within the first 5 days for the purchaser to receive a replacement puppy of equal value or a refund. The purchaser must provide us with a written statement from a veterinarian and the puppy must be returned immediately. Deer Creek Labradoodles is not responsible for any veterinary bills incurred under any circumstances.


Deer Creek Labradoodles puppies are all sold on a spay/neuter contract and require proof of spay/neuter at 6 months of age to receive registration papers. Puppies are not sold for breeding and must be spayed or neutered. Any offspring bred outside this contract are the property of Deer Creek Labradoodles. Any legal proceedings must be conducted in Owenton, KY. If arrangements have been made to purchase a puppy for breeding rights at the time of sale, these conditions do not apply. Breeding puppies are sold for significantly higher prices than those sold as pets.


The purchaser agrees to maintain the puppy in a humane environment with ample shelter, a healthy diet, fresh water, exercise, appropriate veterinary care, human interaction, and training. If for any reason the purchaser is not able to keep his/her puppy, Deer Creek Labradoodles should be notified. Deer Creek Labradoodles will always take back any puppy we have produced at any time, no questions asked. The Buyer is responsible for any transportation costs to return the puppy to the Breeder. Refunds are determined on a case-by-case basis by Deer Creek Labradoodles. Deposits are non-refundable and will not be returned. Owning a puppy is a commitment and should not be done without taking thoughtful consideration.


The puppy is guaranteed against life threatening/severe hereditary conditions for two years. A written document from a licensed veterinarian describing the hereditary condition is required, and the puppy must be returned. A replacement puppy will be provided just as soon as one is available.


Use of any oral flea prevention and/or flea collar products voids all warranties. Oral flea and heartworm treatment pills are known to sometimes cause vomiting, seizures, and other serious ailments. Topical treatment only for fleas and ticks is recommended. We recommend Advantix II or Frontline Plus for fleas and ticks. We recommend Heartgard for your puppy’s heartworm preventative medication.

We believe that the NuVet products provide the optimum nutritional benefits to ensure good health and longevity for our puppies and dogs. We so strongly believe that optimum nutrition plays an integral role in the short- and long-term health of our dogs and puppies, that we are offering an optional 1 (one) year extension to our health guarantee if the provisions below are adhered to:

  1. The puppy purchased must be fed premium food for the first 36 months of life.

  2. The owner of the puppy must order NuVet at or NuVet Customer Service at 1-800-474-7044, and order under Independent Representative#39721 Sandi O'Banion, Deer Creek Labradoodles for tracking purposes.

  3. At any time within your puppy's first 36 months, should your puppy be removed from the NuVet plus supplements, the additional 1 (one) year extension of the health guarantee becomes void without exceptions.

I have read, understood, and accepted the above as governing my purchase. I understand that I must send proof from a veterinarian that my puppy has been spayed/neutered before the age of six months, no exceptions.



Purchaser’s Signature:                                                                           



Seller’s Signature:                                                                           

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