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Deer Creek Litter Announcements!

Below you will see Kiki and Tripp's new litter of Cavapoos. Kiki's furbabies will be raised with puppy culture techniques and enrichment methods to ensure the best possible start in life, shaping their physical, mental and social development to the best of our ability. Deer Creek puppies will go to their new family with a head start in our Foundation training class, which includes knowing how to sit and go in their bed for a treat. They will be introduced to the leash and crate training, riding in the car, and will go outside to potty on an established house training schedule. We believe this is an invaluable step for successfully transitioning a puppy into their new homes and gives the puppy and family an advantage from the very beginning.  For a preview of what they will learn, check out our  Puppy Preschool Page




Kiki and Tripp's Precious Gemstones Litter





Kiki our loving black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Tripp our charismatic Black and tan phantom mini Poodle are proud parents of a new litter of Cavapoo puppies born 3/5/2024! These puppies will be a mini size full grown weighing around 15-20 lbs.  The puppies will be ready for their new homes after their training is completed beginning  5/18/2024.


Puppies are $3000. 

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