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Before your new puppy comes home

The time is approaching! Zoe and Aria's puppies are heading off to training and are getting ready to go to their new homes. We are doing everything in our power to make the transition go as smooth as possible for our new families. Puppies can be challenging at times and many of these challenges can be lessened or even eliminated by having the right knowledge and tools at your disposal. Here are a few things you can do as a new puppy owner before your puppy comes home to make it through and even enjoy this special time with your new doodle baby.

1. Decide where your puppy will stay and where he/she will eliminate. We have practiced crate training with your puppy and recommend this method as the best method for housetraining. Your puppy’s ‘potty spot’ will be the very first place they will visit in your new home, so knowing the location before hand is essential.

2. Choose a dog groomer and Veterinarian, and find nearby obedience classes for your puppy. The first 4 months of your puppy's life is the most influential for developing his/her social skills and character, so it is important to expose them to a variety of places, people, and situations they would encounter throughout their lives early on such as grooming, bathing, and standing for the Veterinarian to have a more balanced dog in the future.

3. Get everyone in the household together to decide rules, schedule and common commands for your new puppy. A puppy without rules and boundaries is a confused and unhappy puppy and will grow into an unhappy and unmanageable companion in the future. Just like children, puppies need direction as well as love to become the best version of themselves.

4. Buy the necessary products your puppy will need. Don’t forget the treats!!!

5. Review videos and reading material on positive dog training and dog ownership. Also, help your children to understand the best way to care for and treat a puppy.

6. Puppy proof your home. Your puppy will chew on anything he/she can find within reach, so limiting their access to parts of the home with baby gates and keeping things like electric chords and other harmful objects out of reach is essential in the early stages. Buying a variety of dog toys of different textures will help distract them from your favorite pair of shoes.

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