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Happy Tails Referral Program

We cannot say enough wonderful things about our new doodle families, they give our puppies happy homes with tons of love and that means the world to us. We love seeing pictures and getting updates as the puppies grow, it truly makes the journey worth it. The picture above is one of our doodle girls from Tinker's litter that just went to her new home with Kym, owner of Flashback Photography, and her family. Not only does Kym take adorable pictures of her girl Ava, but she also had a fantastic idea which she shared with us... A referral program! Why didn't we think of that?

Now we have started the Happy Tails Referral Program for our doodle families. We have noticed over the years that many people that come to us for their new family member have been directed to us by those who already have one of our doodle babies. This shows us we must be doing something right, and we want to show our gratitude to our doodle parents. If you are just thrilled with your doodle and want to spread the word, you will get $100 off your next puppy for every family that was sent our way... because everyone knows, two doodles are better than one! Thank you again Kym for such a great idea. We really do have the best puppy parents.

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