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The website has been updated with some new pages today for our new puppy families! We want to make sure our new doodle owners of Zoe's litter are prepared for the weeks ahead. We have a recommended products page where this book, 101 Dog Tricks, is also listed. We love this book and use it quite often when we want to teach our adults a new fun trick. It has so many cute things like "play dead" and "where's your nose?," and other super useful tasks like cleaning up their toys and bringing you a drink from the fridge. Who wouldn't love that! It has very clear steps for each trick and is easy to understand and follow. The best part is, it has pictures of every step to guide you along the way. It is a very fun book, and every new trick your dog learns with you is a proud moment and a great bonding experience. We love to see our dogs' eyes just light up when they know it's training time. It's like telling a child they are going to Disney Land, but a lot less expensive.

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