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Deer Creek's Puppy Schedule

The puppy schedule has been added to the website! You can find the page here. This new page will let you know what to expect from a Deer Creek puppy and what they have been accustomed to before they leave. Along with keeping to this schedule, a Deer Creek doodle will also know the tricks in the video shown here prior to going to his/ her new home. The puppies really have fun with this training game that teaches them to sit and go in their bed. We play this game for about 5 mintutes 2 or 3 times a day and they think it's a blast, and are able to do both of these tricks within a few days.

Deer Creek doodle babies start at an advantage of already having been accustomed to a human family schedule. He/ she has already been introduced in a positive way to his/her bed and goes to it willingly and stays quietly inside for naps and rest periods. To keep this up, keep a bag of treats next to your puppy’s crate and reward them for going inside when directed. Because we have worked extensively with our doodles on crate training, there should be little to no crying the first few nights with your new puppy. Deer Creek doodle puppies sleep from midnight to 6 A.M and are holding their potty during that time before going to their new homes.

Only reward, praise, and pet when your doodle is in a state that you like or doing something that you like. I know that sounds obvious, but it can be hard at times. It is very easy to give puppies the wrong signals if you pet them or baby talk them while they are being fearful, over excited, etc and in these situations you are actually telling them you like how they are behaving. Rules and discipline are just as important as rewards and a puppy likes to know their boundaries to feel safe. Make sure everyone knows the rules and is consistent on what is allowed and not allowed in the house (ex: jumping on the couch, jumping up on people, etc.). Having rules makes a respectful dog. Just like children, puppies thrive on structure and will live in confusion if there are no boundaries- making everyone unhappy.

Most importantly, expose your puppy to everything you would want them to be a part of in your life within their first 16 weeks of age. During this age, you should continue to socialize your puppy to strangers, take them in the car and in pet friendly stores. You should also get them accustomed to being examined, clipped and bathed at an early age to avoid any behavior problems in these areas in the future. The more involved you are in your puppy’s development at this time, the more balanced and well-behaved your new best friend will be for life.

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