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Double Doodles at Deer Creek!

Our First litter of Double Doodles aka North American Retrievers has arrived! These little balls of fluff are just adorable and impossible not to love. All of them have such happy and outgoing personalities and are ready for anything. What first brought the idea of Double Doodles to our attention was the fact that some Service Dog Organizations actually prefer the cross of Goldens and Labs for service work. Labs are known for their loyalty, intuitive thinking and gentle nature. When combined with the fun outgoing spirit of the Golden, the cross has the perfect formula in place for a wonderful service dog. We see these qualities present in our Double Doodles as well.

Today the puppies had their first romp in the yard and it took them no time at all to explore and stretch their little legs. I'm not sure who had more fun, the puppies or me just watching how goofy and playful they all are.

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